Ischemic disease in 2023: when and how to intervene?

Ischemic disease in 2023: when and how to intervene?

The CV Updates webinar with D. Capodanno and L. H. Wolff Gowdak provides learnings from key trials for clinical practice and discusses optimal medical treatment in angina management.



  • Shed the light on the importance of further understanding of pathophysiology of ischemic disease and therefore of adapted management according to underlining mechanisms.
  • Full comprehension of origin of ischemic disease may allow more individualized and precise treatment which will address better real patients’ needs.
  • Share the state of the art of optimal medical treatment of angina and share RCTs and evidences on use of metabolic approach in angina.


  • Introduction
  • Courage, Orbita, Ischemia and REVIVED-BCIS2: what have we learned from trials and what do we apply in clinical practice?
    D. Capodanno
  • Treating angina where it hurts: when optimal medical treatment is adapted to the cause
    L.H.W. Gowdak
  • Q&A
  • Conclusive remarks
    D. Capodanno