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Heart Café at ESC 2023: Unlocking Patient Adherence for Cardiovascular Health

Up to 50% of patients who are prescribed medication for primary prevention of coronary heart disease, and 34% prescribed medication for secondary prevention, do not adhere to their treatment.1 Improving adherence to medications can therefore prevent a significant number of unnecessary cardiovascular events and deaths.2

This session will look at the complexities of treatment adherence, drawing on the panelists’ experiences related to taking their medication, the burden of multiple pills, the challenges of living with comorbid conditions, and the importance of quality of life when discussing the impact of treatment.

Ultimately, the aim of the session is to give physicians and other attendees a better understanding of the challenges faced by patients, and what they can do to better support efforts to adhere to medication regimens.



Explore the challenges and possible solutions to improving treatment adherence, with a focus on understanding patient experience and the supporting role of health professionals.


  • Prof. Juan Carlos Kaski, St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, UK
  • Prof. Clara Ines Saldarriaga, Clinica CardioVID, Colombia


  • Ms Maria George, INOCA International, UK
  • Mr Max Groenhart, Global Heart Hub, the Netherlands
  • Mr Steven Macari, Association Vie et Coeur, France


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