Symposia & Webinars

ADVANCE - 15 years later, where do we stand regarding intensive vs standard control?

Watch the replay of the International Multi-Disease Webinar chaired by Prof. SP Chan (Malaysia) focussing on the 15 years of the ADVANCE Publication with a specific section on T2D, on Hypertension and an opening to the future with the OPTIMAL-Diabetes study.

This webinar is a great opportunity to reinforce and remind the importance of intensive control being on HbA1c or BP to reduce vascular outcomes in people living with Diabetes & Hypertension, even 15 years after the publication of ADVANCE.

We are glad to count key experts in this event, such as Prof. Jean-Christophe Philips (Belgium), Neil Poulter (UK) and Otavio Berwanger (UK) who put the results of ADVANCE in today’s context of disease management and holistic approach of the patient with comorbidities.